Modus operandi

I look for patterns that I can repeat and I use them to … … build systems that don’t require me to operate (given no other steer I do work to make me redundant) I thrive on having big problems to solve (more responsibility == better) I work better when I understand the constraints

Systems thinking

I want you all to understand ownership People work best when given the right context Leaders need to understand how something is going to affect people before they even feel it And then feel it when it hurts When our people suffer, we suffer It is important to feel their pain And understand if it is of their own making or of others.

Tribe naming is more than just a name it’s an identity You should be proud of what you do and who you are What is our name? What do we associate with that? And what is our mission? Without any other guidance, what is our mission? (Should that be collaboratively made?)

Well prepared, happy engineers, deliver usable, relevant, working software, fast.

Management philosophy I work the assumption that you want to be here. You chose every morning to get up and come here. When you don’t want to work here, let me know when and why. The contract we make is between that volunteer state and in return we will offer you some money, some support and a clear steer about what we want you to do. If we fail in our obligations, let us know. If you fail in yours, we’ll let you know.

Music and painting don’t require me to justify myself to anyone. They are just for me.

There is no such thing as “correct” in management. Just varying states of “livable”.

The world is a terrible place. It’s inhabitants cause each other pain and create systems to minimise this pain, which don’t work.

How the fuck do I live in this world?

How do I stay connected to the business goals over 12 months? PS 12 month plans aren’t working.

I live in a world where people do the easiest thing for them, not necessarily the right thing. When not everyone aligns values before acting expectations are breached and dissatisfaction follows.