About me

About me

The MBTI suggests that inside my comfort zone I am an ENTJ (archetype “The Commander”), although it’s a very soft-E; I am not a raging extrovert. Outside of my comfort zone I tend to operate more like an INTJ (archetype “The Architect”).

According to the Pioneer, Settler and Town Planner model, I am more naturally a Settler and Town Planner.

I look for patterns that I can repeat and I use them to build systems that don’t require me to operate, so given no other steer I do work to make me redundant.

I excel when the problem is clearly mine to solve and I can connect my work to positive outcomes.

Failure modes

I flounder when the problem is unsolvable or it’s not obviously mine.

I am demoralised when I cannot connect my efforts to some positive outcome.

I can accept patterns at face value and use them in systems inappropriately.

My core beliefs

I believe in:

  • putting energy into making the world a better place.
  • sharing what I know, freely and without obligation.
  • having opinions, but being curious and changing my mind if new information arrives.
  • being kind, which sometimes means not being nice.

Leadership philosophy

  • Be responsible, take ownership.
  • Teach responsibility and ownership.
  • Frustration is the antonym of efficiency, so seek it out and remove it
  • Clarity and context over control
  • Cult of personality and charismatic leader is unsustainable

People philosophy

  • Organisations have a responsibility toward those who work with them
  • People choose to come to work, and that should be honored with honesty and consistency
  • Life is stressful enough without adding to that
  • As leaders our job is not to retain people, but to create an environment where people want to stay
  • People need time to absorb changes