Employee handbook

Employee Handbook

If you have one artefact to give to someone, this is it.

This covers everything from the ground up, assumes nothing, and points to other sources of truth.

Function specific?

About Technology Company values & desirable behaviours Organisation model / how are we structured How do we make decisions Working practices Communicating Documentation File sharing, documentation & record keeping Communication tools Development practices Technical practices & process Team practices & process People practices Tools Recruitment Career management Tribe practices & process Onboarding Identity Where do we work?

About Technology

Technology is the combined title for Product, Development, UX and QA.

When working as an technologist, if in doubt, go back to the core values

Company values & desirable behaviours

  • ???

  • Application ownership:

    • you write it, you run it.
    • deprecation of things assigned to you? (eg cutover)
  • What do we value?

  • How do we make decisions? – ?

  • What behaviours and skills do we care about promoting?

  • Interacting with others

  • Ownership and decision making

  • Who’s responsible for what decision? (eg who has what responsibilities?)}

Organisation model / how are we structured

Tribe model, responsibilities, sub-dept relationships Product, UX, QA and Development.

This includes the RACI index for all-of-the-things

How do we make decisions

Working practices

  • Colocated
  • Flex working available
  • Hours & expectations



Above all, documentation should be useful! We want everyone to contribute to evolving the information available around Technology, so if you find something wrong, either fix it or leave a comment, and someone will look at it in the fullness of time.

“Documentation” in this context means anything you’ve written down for your future self. It could be code comments, architecture documentation, culture documentation (like this!) or even process documentation.

  • Documentation that is out of date isn’t useful, so try to keep it up to date.
  • Documentation that might be out of date isn’t useful either, so write documentation in the present tense (“this is how things are now”), rather than as a record of things that have happened in the past.
  • Documentation should be true and accurate, and sometimes that means leaving ambiguity in the words used. Put more context in if you have to, but focus on outcomes rather than step-by-step instructions.
  • Every piece of documentation you write is a piece you have to keep updated, which risks uselessness, so if you can borrow from somewhere else, do that (eg git workflow descriptions and agile ceremony information).

Not everything will be written down, some situations will be entirely new and

File sharing, documentation & record keeping

  • Sharing
    • Confluence
    • This is a wiki thing, with many different “sites”
    • Sites are not well organised
    • Sharepoint as a shared filestore
    • OneDrive for more of a personal one

Communication tools

  • Communications
    • Slack for most text comms: there are rooms per team, per tribe and other ad-hoc rooms
  • Video conf
  • Outlook for email
  • Skype for business

Development practices

  • There are VMs for development Technical practices & process

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Automation tooling

  • Deployment pipelines

  • Feature flags

Team practices & process

  • Agile-in-a-nutshell
    • Sprint-level
      • Scrum / standup
      • Sprint review
      • Sprint retrospective
      • Sprint planning
    • Project-level
      • Inception
      • Inspect & adapt

People practices


  • Administration
    • for holidays & sickness (signup is part of an intro email somewhere)
    • for expenses (not listed anywhere email for access)
    • IT helpdesk
    • intranet
  • HR
    • intranet
    • email


  • Raising a new position
  • Interviewing
  • Probation

Career management

  • Career ladders & competency frameworks
  • 1-1s
  • Performance review
  • Salary review
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Internal transfers

Tribe practices & process

  • Tribe gatherings
  • Tribe retrospectives
  • Inter-tribe retrospectives
  • Tribe healthchecks


  • Developer, QA, Managing, Manager, Product, UX?


  • SSO, email

Where do we work?