People Ops

1-1s Listening for signal in the noise Positive feedback Law of least surprises Being an information conduit and radiator Owning status upwards Manager’s schedule

Turn The Ship Around

Achieve excellence, don’t just avoid errors Give control, create leaders


  • Find the genetic code for control (culture) and rewrite it
  • Act your way to new thinking
  • Short early conversations make efficient work
  • Use “I intend to … “ to turn passive followers into active leaders
  • Resist the urge to provide solutions
  • Eliminate top-down monitoring systems
  • Think out loud (both superiors and subordinates)
  • Embrace the inspectors


  • Take deliberate action
  • We learn
  • Don’t brief, certify
  • Continuously and consistently repeat the message
  • Specify goals, not methods


  • Build trust and take care of your people
  • Use your legacy for inspiration
  • Use guiding principles for decision criteria
  • Use immediate recognition to reinforce desired behaviours
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Encourage a questioning attitude over blind obedience