What is this?

This site is a collection of my opinions on running a technical department, and all the references I used to conjure those opinions, having spent time working as a tester, developer, architect, technical product owner, team manager and department leader.

Most people would write a book about their experiences or thoughts.

I wrote this instead.

Getting started

All the pages are tagged and linked if you’re looking for information on a specific topic.

I’ve spent the most time thinking about recruitment and hiring which you’ll find that in People Ops > 2. Joining, and I’m very proud of the training programmes in People Ops > 4. Structured Training.

How this site is organised

I’ve tried to organise this site in the same way I would organise documentation for an engineering department handbook. With a twist: everything is referred to as a service offered by the department.

This nomenclature allows me to do a few cool things:

  1. Each service is described as it would be in a department handbook. This is essentially example documentation that you are free to use, copy, reference for whatever purpose you want.
  2. Each service includes a commentary on how to construct your own service if you don’t like mine, known as the service blueprint.
  3. Where I have references to things that are related but aren’t easy to directly link into the service blueprint, they are included in as the service-appendix.
  4. I am forced to frame my thoughts in terms of “topic-as-a- service” and write about in a way that is hopefully more helpful than just a collection of rambling.
  5. I can group services together to make chapters and use more cogs in my iconography.

I’ve added some handy iconography to identy what you’re supposed to be looking at!

About me

If you’re interested in me personally, I’ve written about me as a manager/me at work here and you can find out what I’m doing now on my now page.


I feel I rarely have a truely original thought, and I would much rather information be free. Please use what you find here for whatever purpose you can figure out!

I hope it helps.